Monday, April 27, 2015

Tot to Kids' Pop-of-Color Unisex Slouchy Beanie

This super hip beanie was designed to look so good on either a boy or a girl (modeled here by my beautiful daughter). The vibrant color of the ribbing and the top of the hat really pops against the gray and white chevron stripes that make up the body of the hat. This hat fits most kids sized 2T-5T, or if your kid has a giant dome like my son, maybe even an 18 month old!

Materials Used:
Worsted Weight yarn in three colors, preferably gray and white or black and white, and the third being a bright pop of color like lime green. You don't really need all that much of the three colors either, possibly just scrap yarn!
Hook Size:H
Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
ch-chain st
sl st- slip stitch
sc-single crochet
hdc fp- half double crochet front post
hdc bp- half double crochet back post
dc- double crochet
v-stitch- (dc, ch1,dc) all in same stitch


ch 60 and join to first ch with sl st careful not to twist

**Using Green**
R1- ch1, sc in every st, join to first st with sl st (60)
R2-R6 ch 1, *hdc fp, hdc bp* around, join to first st with sl st. (60)

**Using Gray**
R7- join yarn, ch4 and dc in same st you joined, skip 1 sts, *make v-stitch, skip 1 st* around, join to 3rd ch of ch 4 with sl st. (30 v-stitches)

Repeat R7 13 more times in the following pattern:
All odd numbered rows, use gray yarn

All even numbered rows, use white yarn

For R20 (The last row) use Green or what ever color you used for the ribbing.

End on a sl st and leave a long tail for closing the hat.

Using a tapestry needle, weave the yarn through every other stitch and pull the hat closed. You may not be able to close the hole all the way, in that case just stitch it shut.