Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Boho Spring Daisy Cowl

This Pattern is a bit wordy so be sure to read the row's instructions before you start the row just to make sure the directions are clear.

I designed this lil daisy granny square cowl with spring weather in mind so it loosely drapes around the neck keeping the back of the neck warm and keeps the front of the neck exposed to the cool spring air. I made mine to look like blue skies and white daisies, but I can imagine it would look great with just one color too so if you only have one color handy, this project is still a-go! I hope you enjoy making this pretty little thing as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Supplies Needed

Three different colors of worsted weight yarn. (Or you can make it two or one color, that is entirely up to you!)
Color A- flower center (yellow)
Color B- petals (white)
Color C- border/main color (blue)

Hook size H

Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used

Sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
hdc- half double crochet
long dc- a double crochet that you work into 3 rows below

Get your hook out and get this boho cowl going!

Flower Center

With Color A; ch 4 and join with sl st to make a ring.

R1- Make 8 sc into the ring; cut yarn and end with a sl st.

Flower Petals

With Color B; Join to flower center on any sc.

**tip** I'd recommend joining on the stitch next to where you ended so that you can tuck the yellow yarn under and minimize weaving in the ends later.

R1- Ch 3 and sc in same st. *in next st, (sc, ch2, sc) around. These will be petals, make sure you have exactly 8.

R2- Turn your work. *3hdc in each ch space, and sl st between petals* around. Cut yarn and end with sl st.

Right side of flower
Note: the flower's right side is the side in which the petals pop out. If you flip the flower over, you will see the top of the previous row folded over a bit. In the next part we will be single crocheting into the back loops of the stitches that have folded over. This will allow the flower to stand out of the background.

sc tbl as shown


Using Color C (blue)

Join wherever you like and R1 of the Border should be as follows:

R1- For each petal, 1 sc tbl in each st for a total of 3sc tbl per petal.

In between each petal you will make a long dc into the center (yellow) part of the flower. There will be a total of 8 long dc.

**On this next row we will be turning the shape of your work from circle to square.**

Note: to make the square in-line with the flower, there will be two petals per side and the corner you will be making should be made on every-other long double crochet.

R2- Sl st over until you are 1 st before the long dc. Ch2, in next st you will make a corner of the square by (dc, ch 3, dc) in the same st. *In the next 7 sts make hdc, in next st make a corner (dc, ch3, dc).* repeat this for all sides of the square. On the last side, you will only have to make 6 hdc instead of 7. Join to the ch 2 with a sl st.

Each side of the square should have:
Corner; 7hdc; Corner

Once the square is complete, cut the yarn and end with a slip stitch.

Make a total of 8 squares and join them however you like (slip st, sc, sewing together with a tapestry needle). I joined them by single crocheting them together. Then once they were all joined in a ring, I make one row of single crochet on both the top and bottom of the cowl to finish it off. Weave in and trim all ends and you are all finished!

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