Friday, March 20, 2015

Petite Cowl

A petite cowl for cool and casual days. It's no fuss, just throw it around your neck and go. It is small as the name describes and it is a great project if you have a bit of yarn left over that you want to create something out of. I made it using only one color, but this stitch lends itself to be made up of many colors! It is a great stash buster, you can use a different color for every row! Get creative with it. It is so small and crochets up quick but looks great! This cowl would also make a great last minute gift!

Stitches used:
ch-chain st
sc-single crochet
dc-double crochet
v-stitch- (dc, ch1, dc) in same stitch

Materials used:
scrap worsted weight yarn
hook size J
tapestry needle

Ok, let us get this lil petite cowl a-goin!

Ch 82 and join into a ring

R1- sc in every ch, join to 1st sc with sl st, careful not to twist.

R2- {ch4, dc} in same st *skip 2 sts, make v-stitch in next st* around (27 V-stitches) Join to the 3rd ch of ch 4 at beginning of row.

Repeat R2 5 more times

R8- ch 1, 2 sc in every v-stitch gap and 1 sc between every v-stitch (81 sc)

End with a sl st and weave in both (all) ends

Super quick and super simple! Hope you enjoy rocking the petite cowl!

Please send any pictures of your finished product so that I can post them up!

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