Friday, March 13, 2015

Slouchy Beanie 2.0 "The Primrose" Edition

This beanie is slightly more fanciful than the last beanie pattern I posted. The body of this beanie is made using an altered version of the primrose stitch making a pretty and lacy feeling texture. It is worked bottom up and after the ribbing is made, the body of the beanie is a repetition of 4 different rows. I hope you enjoy this relaxed fitting cap!


Stitches Used:

Sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
ch- chain
sl st- slip stitch
hdcfp- half double crochet through front post
hdcbp- half double crochet through back post
V-stitch- hdc, ch 1, hdc

Let's begin!


Ch 65 and join

R1- sc in each ch around, join with a sl st careful not to twist (64)

R2- ch 1, *hdcfp, hdcbp* around and join with sl st to beg of row.

**Repeat R2 4 more times. This forms the ribbing so if you want your ribbing longer or shorter make more or less repeats of R2 respectively**


R1- ch3 and hdc in same st (makes first v-stitch), *skip next st, make v-stitch in next st*around and join to 2nd ch of ch3 at the beginning of row with sl st. (33 v-stitches)

R2- sl st over into first v-stitch and make 3 sc. *make 3 sc in each v-stitch* around. Sl st to beg of row to join.

R3- sl st over one, ch3 and sc in same st (makes a tiny v-stitch in the middle sc of 3sc group). *skip next 2 sts, in next st; sc, ch2, sc.* Make sure you are always working in the middle sc of 3sc group. Join with sl st to ch3.

R4- sl st over to first ch space, ch 2 and make 2 hdc in same ch space. In next ch space and in each ch space around, make 3hdc. At the end of the row, join with sl st to ch 2.

Repeat rows 1-4 3.5 more times (so ending on a R2). End with a sl st and leave a long long tail for weaving the hat closed.

You can make the hat longer and more slouchier if you like, but I'd recommend ending on a R2 to make stitching it up easier.


Using a tapestry needle, weave through every other back loop of the last row. Pull taunt and secure the hole closed with some stitches around the top. Snip off the long tail and you're all finished!

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